How To Draw Book

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A How To Draw PDF book loaded with 76 pages of illustrations. In these full 88 pages I have presented step by step processes using my own illustrations to help reveal from the beginning to the end how a drawing becomes a finished work. I remember those “How To Draw” books that would start off showing a few circles and lines and then show the finished work only four or five steps later. They left many aspiring artists feeling hopeless about developing their skills. To counter that kind of flip demonstration, I have revealed painstaking step by step details of my work.

I cover multiple lessons in drawing the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and entire face and head, as well as hair. This book contains minimal text that gives great tips and advice along with the images that you can draw and use as guides to help you improve your drawing skills.

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Here are just a few examples of teaching images in Getting Right In The Head.

Sue Hawks has been drawing for far too long to tell and is a professional artist and college professor with two advanced degrees in Art.